I’m Back

Seven months ago I removed my blog Serial Adopter. Much of it was due to the unauthorized use of a photo of our daughter Shannon, a story I will share for sure, but I won’t share as many private family photos as I once did.  I have often shared too much and so am rebooting. I’ve missed writing and have stuff I wanna say and perhaps some people wanna hear and we’ll see where that leads.

I also changed the name of my blog to I’m the Mom rather than Serial Adopter. My thoughts and feelings about adoption have also evolved and my kids, both adult and minor, can share what they want about that. I do have a couple kids who due to their special needs can not share their stories and sometimes I will share their life experiences in the hope that it is an encouragement to others who are parenting special needs kiddos. I also hope that it will help those who are not familiar with those in the special needs community to raise their awareness and overall make the world a little more accommodating and welcoming to them.

When I speak of the special needs community I use that term because it encompasses a general population vs. a specific title such as autism/intellectual disability/Down Syndrome etc. I ask you to remember that most of what the SN community asks for in life are things we all expect will be available to us – education, family, home, transportation, employment – so their needs aren’t particularly “special” even if sometimes we have to think outside the box to achieve those things.

Lastly the title I’m the Mom comes from a couple of experiences that I’ve had as a mom to children who don’t look like me. One in particular comes to mind. When shopping for a wedding dress with my daughter we sat down at the desk to fill out our information. The salesperson wrote down all the pertinent info. – bride’s name, wedding date etc. She then turned to me and said “and you are…..”. I blinked a couple times thinking, well who do you think I am, and then replied “I’m the Mom”. I forget that at first glance when the race doesn’t match other people don’t connect the dots. It’s just the norm for us.

Being The Mom is a privilege 11 wonderful people have given to me and although I have often failed at that title, I try to remember what an honor it truly is to simply be The Mom.

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