I first began blogging nearly 10 years ago. My postings increased when my daughter Shannon’s health became kind of all consuming. When she died in April of 2015 I stopped blogging. My posts had become mostly all about her. My life had become mostly all about her. Then someone stole her photo a little over a year after her death using it and telling lies about her family and I lost my footing and just wasn’t sure what was next. I knew I wanted more privacy for my family. So, I made the vast majority of my posts private and removed family photos. It was reactive, but necessary for me.

I am ready to begin again. I struggled with using my same name – Serialadopter – as my thoughts and feelings about adoption and how it’s changed since we first adopted 36 years ago are different. I myself am different although in a good way I think. I feel more true to myself than I have in a long, long time.

Reality is – I am a Serialadopter. 9 adoptions over 23 years. We were foster parents for 20 years and adopted most of our children via the foster care system. That’s the reality. We are getting to the end of being daily caregivers, we hope. Our youngest will graduate in 2022. Our first in 1993. We’ve been at this a long time. Hopefully that experience is worth sharing.